Monday, October 27, 2008

Exclusive Interview - RPK Part 6 (translated)

Ketuanan Melayu Vanishing? RPK: "BULLSHIT!"

Origianl Chinese version here

"Recently, UMNO has been playing racial card by claiming that Ketuanan Melayu is vanishing, and Chinese will emerge as the new master this country." RPK said, "There are even inside information saying that the UMNO veteran club is suggesting the same tactic as May 13 to re-affirm Ketuanan Melayu."

"This is a BIG bullshit from UMNO, from the facts, Ketuanan Melayu is at its height than before!"

"The best election results for BN is year 2004, UMNO won 110 seats, PAS 9 seats, PKR 1 seat, all in all there are 120 seats. As for the current election, total number of Malay Parliamentarians are: UMNO 78 seats, PAS 23 seats, PKR 20 seats, there are all in all 121 seats, thus 308 GE is at the peak of Ketuanan Melayu judging from the number of Malay lawmakers in the Parliament! What is there for UMNO to make noise?"

I was impressed by RPK's quick and accurate response, and was laughing to my knees. He said, those who should cry foul are Chinese and Indians, really, MCA lost half of its seats, MIC is almost paralyzed, Gerakan is the worst, the only one left is Tan Lian Ho. "Ok lah, it is just UMNO is no longer the single biggest Malay party in the Parliament, but the Rakyat feels much more comfortable as one strong party may just ignore the interest of the Rakyat."

"UMNO telling Malay that the Chinese are in power now, they said it is just like 1969, thus, it should be settled using the same solution. Aiya! Why make it so serious like the sky is going to fall, but May 13 version II still cannot cook up? Because, UMNO cannot afford to have the Malay on the streets again, even if it is not all, majority of Malay are watching the Government's move."

"We Malay condemned those MCA members who are willing to protect their own interest by encouraging May 13 version II!"

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