Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is MCA?

Except from Merdeka Review


A representative from Subang, Selangor, voiced out in today's MCA General Assembly that the PR state government are purely to fish votes, i.e. the state government did not treat everyone equal on issues. For example, the PR state government issued notices demanding Selangor MCA divisions to relocate their offices as they are occupying the state's land. He said, it has been years the party divisional offices become the activity centre for members and residents, but the PR government still forcing MCA to relocate the offices. Meanwhile, the state government instructed local council to stop diminishing an Hindu temple in Ampang which is illegally built on the state's land, and punished local council officers involved in tearing down the temple.

Wah! Now only I know man! MCA and perhaps other BN parties are building their offices on state land for free for years without being question!

And worst, they are not shy to complain that they did not get the same treatment as the Hindu temple!!

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