Sunday, October 19, 2008

MCA still relevant?

I recalled a few years ago, the then MCA president Lin Liong Sik was talking to us in one of the occasion, where he stressed that the struggle of MCA is tougher each day due to diminishing Chinese population in relation to the dominant Malay.

Thus, he said, the focus for MCA will be on Chinese education, i.e. Chinese primary schools, which MCA treat it as the last frontier of their struggle for Malaysian Chinese.

I was asking him why not MCA consider open up its membership to all Malaysian, instead of just Chinese? I remember he looked at me as if I am alien, and elaborated that until a day UMNO abandon racial politics, else there's no room for a multi racial party to be able to survive as Malay will unlikely to join other than UMNO, that makes the term "multi-racial" a laughing stock.

I was wondering whether he implied that Gerakan's vision to have a united Malaysia a dream too far to be true, or it is just a practical consideration for MCA judging from history that no multi-racial party did well in Malaysia, including DAP.

Friday night, I was watching the "debate" supposedly between the 2 MCA presidential candidates, where Ong Tee Kiat chicken off and left Chua Jui Meng alone on the stage.

Chua was elaborating his vision on what he view MCA would be in the future, unavoidably, according to Chua, MCA will have to open up to represent other ethnic groups, or become multi-racial in the future, or MCA will find itself caught in the diminishing trend of Chinese population.

Is this the effect of 308 general election where PR has proven that multi-racial ideology is acceptable by the Malays?

Whether Chua is spoken from the bottom of his heart, or he is merely fishing votes for his presidency race, I admire his courage to speak in front of all, on TV, that all Malaysian are equal, as spelt in the Constitution, than most others who dare only to said in front of either Chinese media or Chinese audience.

To me, it is unfortunate that Chua lost his bid, I have noticed that Chua changed a lot, to the better of course. It is also a lost to MCA which has a chance to re-invent in the hands of Chua, instead of OTK, to whom I have never believe in what he said and done.

OTK, where is the report of Klang FTZ you promised 8 months ago when you resumed the Transport Minister's office?

Where is your RM30,000 became RM3,000 story after your former boss Mustapha apologized to Hishamuddin and warned you not to interfere to other minister's jurisdiction?

Let's see if we can enjoy another fantastic video clip on OTK in the near future.....

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