Friday, July 17, 2009

Teo Beng Hock vs MACC

Tan Sri DIGP, yes, we should not speculate, but we have been going thru reports after reports, one after another died in authority's custody, and yet, there's no conclusion as to who is responsible.

If following the MACC's style of investigation, where all Pakatan representatives are investigated for alleged mis-appropriate of public fund, isn't the Police should detain all MACC staff in Selangor HQ that a person died within its vicinity?

Why there's no action when A huge Balinese Palace standing at the hillside of the Royal Selangor's Palace so visible yet nothing happened?

Why there's nothing happen to Ligam's tape? Nothing happen to PKFZ scandal?

If all done in transparent manner, the public will not speculate. The general public will only speculate when there's insufficient information, or a clear cut fraud but was deliberately covered up, or someone plays David Copperfield's trick.

Please don't tell us Teo, Kugan, and many that died under your care, or the Authority's care, are Hudini in disguise. How would you expect us to believe heartedly your report when you cannot even tell us, or tell your ownself, the truth.

Do you think God will believe your report? Let's see.

Bernama news below:

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 – Police have urged the public not to speculate on the death yesterday of Teoh Beng Hock, police secretary to a Selangor Exco member.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said all quarters should wait for the investigation report and not jump to conclusion.

“We will do the autopsy this morning. Please wait until the autopsy is completed,” he told a press conference after closing a seminar for chemical diversion investigators here today.

Ismail hopes that the autopsy report would provide clues on Teoh’s death and that the investigation was done according to legal procedures.

The motive for the incident will only be known when investigation is completed.

Asked why four pathologists were involved in the investigation, Ismail said the police were using all resources at their disposal.

“It is normal for us to seek assistance from others. I have yet to receive any report on the incident from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC),” he said.

Teoh, 30, was found dead in the corridor of level five at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam which houses the Selangor MACC office, eight hours after giving statements on alleged abuse of government allocation. – Bernama

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