Friday, July 24, 2009

Will the truth be buried?

I attended the Teoh Beng Hock Memorial earlier tonight took place at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

There were around 2000 packed in the hall where the ceremony took place, where speakers slammed the recent decision of the Government forming a Royal Commision of Inquiry to conduct investigation on MACC's procedure, whether it violated Teoh's human rights;

Inquest is to set up to study Teoh's death based on the investigation of the Police.

It is, for many of us who attended the memorial to pay last respect to a man who probably the last on earth to kill himself, yet the 'Honorable' Minister in the Prime Minister Department Nazri was quoted as "can't he jump himself?"

People agnry not because Teoh died. People angry because None in the Government has express sincere attitude on the inccident.

People don't really care whether you are Barisan Nasional or Pakatab Rakyat but ONE life lost needlessly (quoted Guan Eng) that nothing can be done to bring him back alive. But isn't Teoh deserves justice for his death? Isn't his family have the rights to know why he died? isn't the public has the rights to know if it is wrongdoing on the part of MACC or someone behind the whole episode of the drama, that deserve punishment fit for what they have done?

Instead of restoring faith towards the authority, we see these people keep creating unrest that only Malaysian are so patient to allow them doing what they wanted.

Back in 2007, Batu Buruk, Trengganu, a young man was shot by (who else is licensed gun carrier?) the Police and nearly die. Is there a justice for him? Is the person who shot him been punished according to our esteem Laws of Malaysia?

Earlier this year we witnessed A Kugan, a suspect found dead in Police custody that the priliminary optosy revealed that the young man died of fluid in lung that cost his life.

Kugan was later found that the young man was tortured with wounds almost every part of his body.

The Government later announced that the 11 Police officers at the scene during the death of Kugan to be transferred to the Police HQ. No action taken, nothing happen since then besides a inquest to be established to ascertain
Kugan's death.

The Government does not seems to understand after so many inccidents that the general public have lost their faith on the authority, especially the enforcement institutions, and still insist that the Police investigation to be the one and only reference for all the cases I mentioned above.

Or do they have something to hide? I dunno.

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