Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When will this LDP flyover falling apart?

I received an email from a friend with the following URL

I am just wondering why there isn't any news on such a major problem that may risk thousands of life committing on the flyover, not even the LDP nor the Highway Authority issuing any alert on this.

If this is false, why no one ever counter such a problem? Except for highway operator getting their contractors trying to remedy the situation?

It is all of us to be blamed for letting an oppoturnity gone to rectify what has gone wrong since the Independence.

It is too obvious that all these were to be covered up even if it risks thousands of lives and families.

So all of you, me included, will have to take the consequences if any unwanted event were to take place. And we are all murderers for those who are unfortunate enough to hit the block.

We can already expect what will come out from the Authority: "Act of God".

Well, God is to be blamed too as far as they are concern, besides people like us, who prefer status quo worrying that rocking the boat will lead us nowhere.

But there will be no one responsible for those who approved, built, operates,and monitor the said construction, ever.

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  1. You are such an amazing lemming. Read the Star. You'll feel better about the flyover.

    There was no news on it because it was covertly sent around in a chain email (how many of these are true?), and "the authorities" did not know about it until now.

    The previous lack of panic was because there was no need to panic; the cracks are hairline cracks from dry shrinkage, which are due to the properties inherent in concrete and can happen years over casting.

    So don't worry. The sky isn't falling down. You may now climb back under your coconut shell.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you for taking your time to comment.

    First, I don't read the Star, or any MSMs except for Chinese media, and I do not come across relevant news pertaining to this, thus I asked.

    Second, I did mention that I received an email from a friend, and you are right, we do not know if those are genuine, thus I asked.

    Third, I was one of the affected, i.e. MRR2 users when I was staying in Kepong. The authority did say that it is not serious, and nothing to worry about, and ended up, besides additional public fund to spend on its repair, we suffered one of the most terrible period of traffic jam in the history. Thus I asked.

    Anyway, why not giving the URL on the Star so that I can clarify this, based on the Star, of course.


    FYI the types of cracks on the MRR2 is different from the types of cracks on this flyover.

  4. Thank you for your link.

    There was a story too on sinchew a day after your first comment. It was interviews of residents of the affected area but not quoting any comment from relevant authority.

    However, there are still active discussion on the said topic at the source where this post is based on