Monday, March 16, 2009

God sent

After so many years, in fact after 52 years of independence, Malaysian finally been told the truth:

"If God said it is his turn, it is his turn. This is the thing we all have the accept...."

Google to find who claimed God.

Fellow Malaysian, we were once thought we decide who is going to be our leader, and we found out that we were wrong.

We thought it should be the ruling party elite deciding who the leader should be, and we are all wrong!

The truth is: God decides, and God has made it clear that who is going to lead.

Hence, forget about your vote as it make no difference, since you cannot go against the God. Like it or not, we are God's creature, our life is given by the God.

So just accept it, accept the fact that God decides who to be our leader, and fight no more.

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