Wednesday, March 25, 2009

List of VIPs for schools

I nearly laugh off my chair with tears when I read this news stuffed in a miserable corner of the newspaper.

I was trying to find a logic behind this directive issued by none other than the Minister of Education, whom have been so busy with the ongoing party election.

I started to wonder if this directive is made without his knowledge, somehow he was blinded by certain parties to sign the directive without realizing what transpires, or he is just completely ignorant and aragont and wanted to push it thru.

Only VIPs listed in the attahed list, together with a letter issued by respective district education office, is allowed to be invited to school functions.

The list contains politicians from the Barisan National component parties, full stop.

I am wondering if Tan Sri Khalid makes his significant personal contribution to his grand child's school, will he still be barred from being invited as his name is certainly not in the VIP list.

Can Dolah be invited after he step down as party president and suddequently Prime Minister, of which he is still a political figure, ie the head of UMNO's Kepala Batas division?

Why should the Minister issuing such directive is beyond my knowledge, but The effect of this directive reminds me of the book "1984". Google yourself of you do not know what the book is, I am not going to do the work for you today.

Soon enough, we may expect the Minister one day may issue directive to schools pertaining the precise time to shit in the school toilet, the position for shitting, and how to handle shit properly in case the kid produce different types of shit, ie soft, hard, waterly, small, big, banana shape, sandae shape, of mixture of any or all the above.

Well, I see the day is not far, judging of where we are heading.

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