Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is UMNO party election relevent?

It has been a glut of information, tips, gossips, and even fortune telling on the upcoming UMNO party election.

As most are saying, the new leadership of UMNO has an direct impact on all of us.

I see it otherwise.

I am not a fortune teller, nor a political analyst, neither am I an interested party that hopes to benefit from the event.

I am just a man on the main street.

Regardless of who is in the new UMNO leadership lineup, it is no longer relevent for me.

308 general election has decided that Barisan Nasional continues to rule despite major setback losing 2/3 majority in the Parliament.

We have then witnessed how arogant BN/UMNO is despite the message from the main street, of which they still claimed victory, this is however the fact.

We have, after all the Pendatang issue, the case of using ISA to protect civilian, some people died in the Police custody, overthrown a state government, and corrupted UMNO leader barred from party election but remain as Chief Minister.

We allow unaccountable spendings of public fund which all of us earned with our blood and sweat, and believe that is good for the nation.

We allow those who received paychecks in millions per year, to continue squeezing us on public utilities and making us pay unnecessarily like we are obliged to.

We allow those who claimed God keep mumbling that it's its turn to take the lead. We keep quiet.

And most we do, at this stormy weather, is to bet or guess who is the no 2 of a party that's not relevent to us. We keep guessing and watching stage after stage of political shows that do not help us from sailing through the rough water.

Perhaps this is the only free entertainment we can have when everything else except for air that we inhale is currently free for all.

We are satisfied with all these bullshits. Oh! Yes! I have foegotten, we are all just like cow dang, cow dang loves bullshit, you don't laugh at me, I won't make you the joke. So squared off.

So the party election will not change the course for the party, needness to to say the nation will remain the same.

Is it going to make a different for all of us?

So do not complain, just accept the fact that we are what we deserve.


  1. Don't be disillusioned by the free entertainment. My good friend DJ Altimet reminded me that 'free is never free'. And I believed him. It may seem free now but we are the ones who will have to face the repercussions later on.

    Take care and be prepared for the worse scenario, both politically and economically.


    p.s. This is not a threat, just a friendly reminder.

  2. Pal,

    I understand fully there's no free lunch, someone is going to pay for it, be it now, or later.