Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KL traffic chaos

taken in the car, towards Jalan Maarof from MidValley escalated highway. This is KL!

How many time in a year KL is flooded, not only muddy water but cars, uncountable cars stuck on the roads in the city?

Adding to the problem is LRT brokedown, Komuter delayed.

The only choice you have is probably walk, yes,


I was at MidValley yesterday evening when there was a downpour.

My wife was supposed to attend a dinner nearby KLCC, and she suggested that I stayed at MidValley since traffic out there is quite bad.

She will take a train, transit KL Sentral, to her destination.

Happily sending her near to the Komuter entrance, and strolled to Starbucks have my coffee and do some work.

Got her sms, was complaining that the vending machine isn't working, she has got to queue for ticket.

I told her this is a norm since I travel frequently.

She smsed about 30 minutes later, sounds depressed:"Sentral power failure!! LRT halted!"

Before I can ever response, she text again:"I'm diverting back to MidValley, you stay put, we drive then."

OK for me since I have my mind stuck, just not able to work any further, I decided to walk around while waiting.

20 minutes gone, another sms:"Gosh! komuter delayed! You wait for me, OK?"

"Sure I will."

Another SMS came, this time:"rather than waiting here, I go and check if LRT resumed service."

At the same time, I tried searching for LRT's helpline to find out what's happening. Check LRT website, found the helpline, BIG on the top banner written:

HELPLINE: 03-7625 6999 <---

Called, no one picks up. Call again, ring until disconnected, no one picks up.

Scrolled down the web page, read this:

Service Alert

Petaling Jaya, 03rd March 2009 - Kelana Jaya LRT Line is currently experiencing a power disruption, since 5.58pm. As a result, RapidKL has suspended all LRT service on the entire Kelana Jaya Line since 6.09pm. We are now trying to bring all trains to the nearest station where the trains will be on hold while we try to rectify the problem. Further updates will be made available to the media from time to time.

So this is the correct website, but why? Why no one answer??

Don't believe, call 103, got another number, 03-4294 2550, again, no one answer.. Why don't they get a IVR or something, or at least play music la friend!!

Then she sms:"see people moving, queue easing out, service resumed!"

"Great!" I said

less than 30 sec, she sms again:"service still out, someone got angry and bang the glass, people moved away, false alarm."

a while later, she gave up, went back to komuter, and back to MidValley.

She spent 2 hours all in all, from MidValley to Sentral, and from Sentral back to MidValley, empty handed, but sweat and tired.

Then I said:"Let's get out of this place, I send you."

We thought it should be alright, after 8pm, KL traffic should be fine.

OK, get out of MidValley, cars piling up towards Federal Highway.

As usual, smart guy like me detoured, took Bangsar, wanted to go via Jalan Riong, and get into the City, hoping that it wont be as jam as the Federal Highway.

On the flyover towards Jalan Maarof, in front of us are "millions" of cars. Cars everywhere, from every directions you can ever imaging, flowing onto Jalan Maarof.

"Shit!", but no worry, I can take Jalan Maarof all the way, ramp on Pusat Bandar Damansara, use Jalan Dungun, and turn to Parliament, I will still be alright.

30 minutes passed, still at Jalan Maarof. After the McDonalds' traffic light, traffic ease out.

Good, I said. When reaching Wisma HP, again jam.

So I have to decide which direction to go, Parliament->Lake Garden->Bank Negara->KLCC or Jalan Duta->Jalan Kuching->PWTC->KLCC.

I decided the later, since the side to Parliament is not moving at all.

When I hit Jalan Duta, gosh! again trapped.

By the time we reached Jalan Duta roundabout, she gave up, it was already 9pm.

Of course we went for dinner, but in Kepong, not KLCC.

I wonder why people still wanted to stay in this hectic city, or the City of jammed cars on tolled highways.

If I were to still staying in KL, I will probably be in Tanjung Rambutan by now, thank God!

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