Monday, March 2, 2009


We have politicians who care.

We have a Government calling themselves a Caring Government.

We have political parties claiming that they care for you.

And we have civil servents out there to protect your freedom and safety, they care.

But who really care about the economy going down to the valley of Grand Canyon?

Who really care about what we, the walks on the streets really wants?

Who care about who died in the authority's castody?

Who care about you being robbed?

Who care about you been depressed, and asked to shut up?

Who care about you been diframed from praying your God and call HIS name at will?

Who really care about disabled and they rights when they are being threaten?

Who care about accountability and transparency when one can go for quotations and direct negotiations for government projects?

Who care about whether your kids need medication when your pocket is left with nothing but bills?

Who care about whether you have shelter but keep demonishing your house?

Who care about disasters where victims are crying for help and irrelevant figures are there for show?

Who care about increasing number of adbandon pets on the streets?

Who care about what you need to pay to keep you and your family going when they still find ways and means to squeeze the Most out from you?

Who really care where in their mouths they greeted you as Rakyat, but in their hearts they laugh at you as looser of the centuries?

Who really care?

But when you are up there one day, you will probably be like one of them.

Sad to say you are born loser!


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