Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kugan - Do you need a month to decide?

Read the Star just now:

Kugan case: A-G to decide by end of the month

Kugan's case is already months, there are claims that Kugan died himself, nothing to do with others - Selangor Chief Police Officer made this statement.

Home Affair Minister was wondering why the public acted like Kugan is a hero but he is in fact a car thief.

Read here.

Malaysia Today published the second post mortem report, here.

AG still claiming that they need ONE month to study whether is there sufficient evidence to charge, uhh??

ONE month??

Isn't evidence clearly described what happened and the death of Kugan is not because he choked with water in his lung, but he was tortured to death.

Listen carefully, Kugan was tortured to death while he was in the police custody.

And everyone in power were trying to paint a different story that he died himself.

Oh yes, this is Malaysia. A civilization no other can compare, and we are unlike those who wanted to conduct State Assembly sittings under the tree cause the venue is not proper.

Thus, Kugan cannot be tortured to death in police custody, and we need time to find out is there any other evidence that will rule out the case, or simply the trendy buzz word


No Further Action, case closed, yeah!

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