Monday, March 23, 2009

National car

No, I am not talking about our national car. Our national car is neither built for safety, nor better fuel consumption, worse, it comes with a BIG price tag and forcing other cars in the market to go up.

I read Bloomberg and found this.

image from Bloomberg

Yes, it's India. The cheapest car in the world now goes to India.

With a price tag of USD2,000, everyone can own a car!

I am not encouraging more cars on the road. It is the failure of our nation for not able to:

1. build a decent and workable public transport system; and
2. build a car that addressed to most needs without cut throat price.

Either one the government should do it right, and it failed all the above.

I wonder if Tata Nano ever come to our shore, how much will the car be selling here then?


  1. The price of the US$2,000 car in terms of Ringgit Malaysia will be RM5,100 (taking into account US$1.00 = RM2.55 approximately, at today's rate) and add 300% excessive import tax on new cars, the price will be RM15,300 which is still very, very cheap! Come let's do business selling this car. I will definitely buy one if it ever comes here. :)

  2. Someone will make sure that the price will be more expensive than the cheapest Kancil to keep our national car project afloat..

    Too bad DRB-Hicom is TATA's agent in Malaysia.