Monday, February 16, 2009

向黄洁冰抛石头 - Casting stones on YB Elizabeth Wong

For those who casted stones on YB Elizabeth Wong on her recent incident, who are they to be the Saint to sentence YB Wong that she needs to bear the consequences, hence she should resign?

Saint No.1 is none other than Khir Toyo. He is probably one of the first to throw stones. He questioned YB Wong on her "ethic". What ethic does he means? Make sure you wear cloth and cover your body all the time, even when you sleep, shit, or bath?

And if someone peeping without your knowledge, is it your fault or that someone's fault?

And if someone else adding salt to the wound, like the mighty Khir,, is that someone sinner than the one who leak the photos?

What makes me wonder is why Guang Ming Daily indicate that the suspect of this incident is running away to Indonesia? Isn't Thailand a better choice? Or is it a planned smear action from someone hidden from the back whom have link to Indonesia?

Saint No 2: our infamous Botak made a statement that PR representatives are not ethical as they are suppose to.

Wah! Before the Botak's machai go investigating what actually happening, Botak play the role of God by telling everyone that PR reps are not ethical.

You can surely imagine what is the result of such "investigation".

Added 17 Feb 2009 03:09

This guy, the smart asshole from MCA, state assemblyman of Kuala Kubu Baru, Yang BerXXXXXX Wong Koon Mun, dare to say that YB Eli Wong is at the wrong as she allows guys to be in her bedroom, which goes against the 5000 year Chinese culture..

How this YBXXXX Wong knows is a guy in the first place????? It is suspected, but how did he know and be so sure about??






是不是有幕后人? 而这幕后人跟印尼有关?



17 Feb 2009 03:09









  1. 我顶黄洁冰,她没有错。不过话说回来 ,她也真是的,要找男朋友也找是一个华人的,和一个马来bf together,而且听说他有暴利inclination..this is too dangerous !
    然道 没有华人chase after her,she is so beautiful and brilliant.你们一定说我很老土。。但是我告诉你,要是我的女儿家给Indian or Malay,我会不认她的。虽然年轻人有right to choose her life partner,但是嫁给other race,我一定会不爽!我就不明白黄洁冰那么美,怕没人要meh ?

  2. Anthony,

    No offense for me to be straight forward on replying your comment.

    I do respect your view, but I do hope that you respect the choices of others as well.

    Whether YB Eli is having a boyfriend of same race or otherwise is none of our business.

    Furthermore, if we keep looking at the skin color of others, then we should not gramble on any other parties who claimed to be superior than us.

    One last word. Are you sure you are pure Han race? To be honest, some of my ancestors are Mongolians, some are Manchu, and I am not quite sure do I have Russian and Yun Nan blood as well.

    So how can you be sure that you are pure? If not, why should you feel uneasy when your ancestors have practiced marriages between races?

  3. Hi Friend ! He is no longer a saint but have upgraded himself to be a god(dog)of moral.
    The uno party under his leadership wii become a of he!he!he! insane group.

  4. You are right.Maybe I am a conservative old fellow and can't keep pace with the modern world.However,I do hope that my daughter will marry to a Chinese boy.Hope that u don't misunderstand me that I am a racist.

  5. Anthony,

    Forgive me for being errogant.

    I was trying to raise a point, but everyone deserve to have their own perspective.

    I do appreciate that you made your point.

    I do hope that more are willing to express what they have in mind than to keep with themselves.

  6. 本来我是很同情黄洁冰的,知道她是被人害的。But,知道她有一个33 岁比她还小的男朋友叫Malik 的,我对她的impression突然变成不好。我和我的朋友谈起这件事,他们也说这个女很随便。而且,这个Malik听说是一个married man.
    Adultery in Muslim is strictly prohibited.我真为黄洁冰担心呢。

  7. errogant ? should be arrogant,right?
    我的英文也是不好的,你害我check dictionary "errogant" 找不到呢。

  8. Anthony,

    I do not really care about her private life even if she is a les has nothing to do for me let alone with a younger Muslim boyfriend.

    Adultery is an offence in the eyes of Syariah laws, applicable only to Muslim, unless she is a Muslim, else the Federal Constitution will reframe her from being charged in Syariah courts. This is my little understanding on Syariah laws.

    The whole issue is not to create an issue over YB Eli Wong on her personal conduct but how these intimate images leaked without her consent, whether she knows at the time photos are taken, or she was in the dark.

  9. Anthony,

    Thank you for pointing out my spelling mistake.