Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perak! Oh Perak!

The Perak high drama is a good lesson to all of us.

For those who wanted a CHANGE, the reality is: you don't get what you wanted, you get what your employee planned and think what you deserved.

Is there a respect to the voters voting those who defected? NO! there's no respect at all!

Defectors may claim that they win they seat not because of other factor but themselves. Well, if that's the case, why not let the voters show if it is correct?

My humble experience back in 1999 was that I don't even know who is the candidate of the Opposition but I have voted for him, although he lost.

Other than personal image, isn't the political party those defectors once associated with helping them to win the seat?

Well, most may argue that opposition candidates received no aids, especially financial aids from their party, and they have to foot the bills.

But aren't those volunteers who helped to campaign days and nights with no material returns be counted for contribution from the political party?

Aren't those who donated to these defectors to help funding the election campaign donated because they know who the candidates are? My answer is quite simple: NO! Those who donated because the party organize fund raising activities, and the public responded to the call. Not because you have been in the party for 20+ years that everyone should know you and give you what you need to campaign.

What the donors, the volunteers, the voters who voted for you, and those who have openly voice their support to you, your party, wanted to see is good leadership by example, work for the people instead of your ownselves, and be brave to seek for fresh mandate should you decide on 180 degree U turn during your political journey.

Those who defected failed to recognize the fact that they are no one if voters not voted for them. They failed to remember it is their party who field them instead of others. They failed to realized that the fundemental of Democracy that the Rakyat is the BOSS and not them.

They even failed to realized that they have been keeping afloat funded by the Rakyat and not themselves.

They should be shamed for what they have done when defecting from one side to the other, that they have betryed those who trusted them.

And for BN and PR "manages", do your duty as given by the Rakyat. We are in the midst of the unprecedented worst ever economic situation and you guys instead giving us this free show that will hurt us further!

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