Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perak - Where are you, Rakyat?

The situation in Perak is now a direct conflict between the 2 political camps, BN and PR. Whatever happening, and whatever decision the Sultan made whether to consent for a snap election, or to accept BN as the majority, we are still waiting.

But there's no role for the Rakyat to play..

The Rakyat voted for their respective state assembly persons, of whom some of these so called YB are using their YB as their own asset, do what they wanted, but have totally ignoring the fact that it is us, yes, all of us, who have voted them in the election.

Our employee claimed that they do it for the best interest of their constituency, but have they ever consult any one of us? Have they ever?

Switching camp is not a bad thing if the Rakyat who endorsed the YBs is known and acknowledged that it is in fact better.

And how would the Rakyat endorse or acknowledge? By conducting a poll, or simply, a by-election.

Thus, if a representative where to switch camp, he/she should first resign from his YB seat, then seek for fresh mandate.

But now, you and me, the Rakyat being sodomised by all parties, cannot even have a say in the whole drama.

Brother, don't forget the Rakyat pay all of you, including the one who claimed appointed by the King, who refused a by-election.

So the one who pay have no say, and those whom we pay to work for us are riding on our heads.

You just foot the bill, don't ask how the money is spent.

They will tell you better not to have election because election is going to be expensive. But if you are the boss and you want it, can your employee tell you that you cannot spend??

If the Rakyat just keep quiet, it will be taking for granted. then why in the first place we should have election? Why not write in our Constitution like Chairman Mao did, that Chairman Mao is the Chairman of People's Republic of China, period.

What a crazy world we have..

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  1. But there's no role for the Rakyat to play..