Friday, February 20, 2009

Virtual reunion of an old friend

Well, received an email from an old friend, whom I got to know when we started Chinese chatrooms and forums back during the days I was in Sinchew-i.

He was one of the active forumer cum chatroomer, whose comments are often humor but meaningful.

We met a couple of times, and the last we met was a couple of years back.

In his mail to me just now, he was saying that it is fun to screw those MFSOB (look elsewhere to find its meaning, I will not elaborate here) in blog writing.

I replied that it is really fun only if there's none to be screwed.

I do enjoy criticizing people, including myself. But there's not real joy.

When everything is good, no one behave erratically, that's even more fun to be.

I sincerely hope for the day to come where I can bury the F and BAD words for rest of my life.

We shall see the day, God willing.