Monday, February 2, 2009


I read the Star's (the Star?? Yes la!) MB meets Sultan, speaker meets EC (Update 3) today.

I am starting to wonder if the two state assemblymen cum State Excos behave like woman..

They claimed they signed undated resignation letter to their party, PKR, right after the General Election, and they signed under duress.

Hey friend!!! If you are under pressure, why should you sign? Why not you signed first, then came out and announced that the letter is void as you signed under duress in the past months?

Why when the letter is formally use, then you said you were under duress?

Why you hold until now if you are not happy with signing the letter?

If you are happy signing the letter at the point the letter was signed, then why you complain now?


Please give us your best candidates, not like these kind of people. I wonder where is their principle?

If you cannot, then you better don't talk about taking over the Federal Government!

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